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Eye Exams, Asheville, NC


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Eye Exams, Asheville, NCSeeing a doctor for your regular eye exam is an important part of maintaining good ocular health, but some patients may not know what to expect if they have never had an eye exam before. Optometrists have special training to perform tests of vision functionality and health of the eyes.  Before you go, list any questions you may have for your eye doctor.  Be prepared to discuss any medications you are taking and your (and your family’s) eye health history. 

During your eye exam, your optometrist will typically use specialized equipment to determine the proper pupil responsiveness, the internal fluid pressure of the eyes, how well your eyes work together as a team and how well you can see things in your side vision. He or she will then perform the visual testing portion of the eye exam, where you will look at a vision chart with letters of different sizes and read the smallest group of letters that you can see. This will be a starting point for your prescription, and the doctor will then have you look through a series of lenses where you can determine which is most clear. This will provide the doctor with your exact prescription for glasses, if you need them.

Some people choose contact lenses instead, so if you plan to wear contacts, your doctor will perform an additional part of the eye exam, called the contact lens fitting. During this portion, the doctor analyzes the shape of your eye to determine which brand and style of lenses will fit you most comfortably. If you need to schedule an eye exam in Asheville, North Carolina, please call Vision Source of Asheville to find a time that fits with your schedule.