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Contact Lenses, Asheville, NC


If you wear contact lenses, contact us today at Vision Source of Asheville, NC for your annual eye exam.


Contact Lenses, Asheville, NCVision Source of Asheville offers a full, comprehensive eye examination that can include the specialty evaluation required for fitting you for contact lenses. With the advances in contact lens design and materials, nearly everyone can now wear contact lenses. Our staff is experienced in fitting most styles of contact lenses, including gas permeable contact lenses, soft contact lenses (in daily, 2-week or extended wear options), multifocal contact lenses, toric lenses (for people with astigmatism), and even fashion color contact lenses.


Evaluation for contact lenses goes a step above the regular eye exam, as we carefully exam the eye to be sure it is healthy enough for the patient to be able to wear contact lenses safely. We then determine the proper prescription, which is different than the prescription used for eyeglasses. We will advise you on which contact lenses are best for your situation and lifestyle.


We then examine how the contact lens fits and measure your vision with the contact lenses on your eyes.  If you are new to contact lenses, we take the extra time to instruct you on caring for your contact lenses and how to insert and remove them. It can take some practice to get this procedure to feel easy and comfortable, but we promise to do all we can to help!
Those who wear contact lenses will need an eye exam every year because your eyes go through gradual changes in size, shape and physiological requirements when you wear contact lenses, and this must be monitored more often to maintain eye health. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!