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Protective Eyewear, Asheville, NC


If you need protective eyewear for sports, swimming, skiing, work, or any other activity, visit us at Vision Source of Asheville, NC.


Protective Eyewear, Asheville, NCThere are plenty of activities, both recreational and work, that put the health and safety of your eyes at risk. There is no job, sport or activity that is so important as to take the chance of taking away your vision either partially or completely. Rather than avoid these activities, however, the answer is to use appropriate protective eyewear. At Vision Source of Asheville, we have a wide selection of protective eyewear options for a number of situations.

  • Sports – People of all ages enjoy sports, and all too often, they put little thought into the risk involved to their eyes. They consider the potential for broken bones, muscle damage and more, but rarely harm to the eyes. In any sport, the eyes can take a hit from a ball, other equipment, a team member or opponent’s elbow, finger, or other body part, and more. Protective eyewear made from specialty frames can reduce the chances of trauma to the eyes.
  • Swimming – Swimming in a pool would seem to be a safe bet since there isn’t anything in the water to create an impact. However, the chemicals in the water can be just as damaging. That’s why wearing protective eyewear when swimming is a great idea!
  • Skiing – Snow skiing has two dangers specific to your eyes. One is the potential for debris flying into your eyes, and the other is the UV rays glaring off the snow, which can reduce visibility and land you in a tree or some other obstacle.
  • Work – There are plenty of occupations where there is an increased risk factor for eye damage. Consider, for example, any job that involves using power tools or construction equipment.

We offer sports frames through Liberty and Smith Optics and can provide protective eyewear for all members of your family, including those who need prescription lenses.